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Our history

LARP srl (Lavorazione Resine Plastiche - Resin Plastics Processing) was founded on 23 January 1960 by Luigi Bottazzini who, with a degree in industrial chemistry, was aware of the many and incredible applications that were possible with plastic resins and, therefore, using the two main processing technologies for these materials (injection moulding and extrusion), he created moulded and extruded items using different materials.

After him, the company was run by his wife Luciana Bottazzini and in 1984, she was succeeded by their son Luca Bottazzini. Over the years, LARP srl has become a company with 20 employees and exports its products in various foreign countries. In 2010, LARP srl celebrated fifty years of activity.

Larp Lavorazione Resine Plastiche


LARP srl covers about 3500 sq metres in an area of 16000 sq metres completely immersed in the green of the Caidate countryside, in the municipality of Sumirago. 

The production facilities, in addition to offices and storerooms, consist of a department engaged in moulding and two departments engaged in the extrusion of profiles and small tubes. There is also a workshop and an assembly department.

Always engaged in technical sectors, LARP srl was awarded a certification that guarantees the quality of its production.

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